Saturday, August 6, 2011

where did the summer go?

nursing school starts in three weeks. we move into our apartment in two weeks. these past eight weeks of camp just flew by. 

everyday was totally different, but when your working with three year olds all day, nothing usually goes to plan. my patience was tested. i learned to recognize their cries without even having to turn around. after bathroom breaks, it became automatic to ask if they'd flushed the toilet, washed their hands, and turned off the light. they made me be sillier than i've ever been. i gave out hugs, band aids, and kisses like candy. they asked me daily how my pet giraffe sprinkles, who has rainbow spots, was doing. and they made me laugh so so much, especially Sofia L. who reminded me every five minutes that since she was jewish she couldn't eat corn or bacon. she was the most random three year old ever - everytime the church bells for mass rang, twice a day, she would shout "Jesus is coming!" and then one time during naptime, she sat up and told the class to "raise their hands if they loved Jesus." i laughed for a straight seven minutes after that one.

oh, and i also learned how to do side french braids! pretty much the most exciting thing ever. and i had lots of little heads to practice on.

2 friskies:

Kaelyn said...

That sounds like a fantastic time at camp! Do tell about your rainbow giraffe; that is very exciting!

I am so excited for y'all as you get ready to begin this next chapter in your lives! :)

Caitlin said...

oh, little kids are too funny. that poor sofia. sending a jewish kid to a catholic preschool will lead to some confusion, i guess!