Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the best part of nursing school.

this here ice machine changes my life.
it's the reason i wake up in the morning. do you like sonic ice? (as known as, baby pushing ice, around these parts) well: apply for nursing school at the woman's college, move to houston, and partake in this pure deliciousness daily.
found here.
i have tried to convince kailin that we need one at home too but she's staying strong. you see, not everyone appreciates the precious gift we have been given. some people think it's a little outrageous to be late to class due to the fact that the ice machine is on the eighth floor and our classes are all on the first floor (all conveniently located in the = J1 jail) and i just can't sit in a three hour class without a bottle of pure crunchyness. some people think that water bottles don't need to be refilled seven times a day. some people think i might be suffering from some sort of deficiency. but i just it call dedication. and boy, have i gotten compliments.

anyway, back to the subject at hand. 
kailin and i have combined our awesomeness (3/4 kailin, 1/4 me) to create the wittiest combined blog ever. read about our adventures in apartment decorating, cooking (errr...mostly baking), and occasional studying for the nursing school. click the picture above to be transported into this magical wonderland. and while you're there grab a button and be one of our first followers. and spread the word!

now, i'm off to study (study McDreamy that is).

3 friskies:

Kailin said...

Might I join you in your endeavor to study McDreamy?

Gail said...

Actually, crunching ice can indicate some deficiencies! It was due to my uncontrollable desire to crunch ice (yes, the delicious, pillow soft sonic-like wonders) that led me to discover I was anemic! Go figure!?

Elizabeth said...

You are funny!

.....but I totally know what you mean.