Wednesday, October 26, 2011

today's to do list:

01. make pumpkin smoothie. epic fail. note to self: make sure the bottom of the blender is screwed on next time.

02. operation clean out fridge. success was found! only two expired items had to be thrown out and good news, we still have five loaves of bread! (once upon a time, macey and i cleaned out the fridge at the catholic center. twas seriously one of the funniest and grossiest things i've ever done. oh, how i miss macey, that fridge filled with my secret stash of thin mints, and the wonderfulness of the catholic center!)

03. hitting up chick-fil-a with the popsicle. time spent eating chicken with him never disappoints. 

04. laundry and lots of it. i love laundry and dish washing. strange? nothings better than the satisfaction that comes from clean clothes and dishes. why can't i just be a stay at home student!

05. surprising the roommate with clean sheets. i might even put a chocolate chip on her pillow if she's lucky.

06. chapter 30 of my lab manual for assessment. breaking news people: i got a B on my last assessment test! this is mucho improved from my last test and i don't feel like such a failure anymore. oh by the way, nursing school is hard. apparently, our pharm teacher didn't get that memo last night though and handed out the hardest test known to man. gotta love that feeling of looking down at your test and wondering if you studied any of the right material. after we finished, students were heard saying phrases such as "looks like i'm changing my major" or "that's it. i think i've come to terms with the fact that i'm going to be a C student". 

07. making a flyer for the most awesome CCE outing ever. matt maher, my favorite, is coming to the university of st. thomas for a night of worship and adoration in december. the high schoolers and i are going! here's the details.

08. figure out what's for dinner. most likely something with chicken, cheese, and garlic - the staples in every meal i make.

09. get my stamps out and write some letters. i love getting mail!

10. call at&t about our internet bill. accomplished! somehow i talked them into giving us a bigger credit adjustment than they should of, quite tricky of me!

if i finish everything, maybe episode six of downton abbey before bed?

p.s. read more about our lives over here.

2 friskies:

Kailin said...

I love me some clean sheets, especially when they are so kindly put on by someone else. The best sleeps happen in fresh sheets! Thank you!

Kaelyn said...

Chicken, cheese, and garlic happens in most of our meals, too. Congratulations on the test! Keep pushing! :)