Tuesday, November 8, 2011

03. thankful - music and silence.

i love music. and i love singing (preferably in the shower or at church). i am such a fan of making youtube playlists of my new favorite finds. but i also love listening to my beloved overplayed oldies on the itunes. and thus i usually listen to music when i'm writing blog posts, cleaning up the room, and avoiding homework - so it happens a lot. 

but i also love silence. i love that when i walk into the cathedral downtown, despite the hustle and bustle on the streets of houston, silence is found. when i walk/jog my two miles on the treadmill i need silence. i want to hear my heart beating and my gasping breaths. i need that reminder that i'm still alive. 

i didn't always love silence. being alone with your thoughts, without any background music playing to block them out, can be really scary. but for me, i've found that in the more silence i experience, the more my thoughts tend to focus on others. silence is a challenge. but a challenge that is good for our soul. and for that, i am thankful. 

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