Saturday, November 12, 2011

04. thankful - for hard things.

writing is not something i'm good at. it's not easy for me. just like when i talk, i have all of these thoughts and words in my head but i have so much trouble getting them out and composing them into coherent statements. so many of the things i want to say and write just get lost in translation. this blog, that i started my senior year of high school, is definitely a chronicle of that struggle. i blog for myself. it's my journal. it's where i share my thoughts and feelings. the things that are unsaid and that would be undocumented and forgotten if i didn't write them down. 

the other night my sister asked me what i planned to do after nursing school. and honestly, i have no idea. that's three whole semesters away. but i know it will fly by. i'm not scared of the unknown, the unplanned, anymore. i think He gives me little glimpses of what my life could be like. and right now, this is my life. this is my calling. being a student is my vocation. 

tonight i did something i've never done before - i ran a mile without stopping. maybe that seems insignificant to you. but i never thought i could do it. running has always been one of biggest fears. now, more than ever, i know that i can do hard things. i can make an A on my assessment test. i can pray a rosary everyday. i can be present in every moment. and for that i am thankful. 

2 friskies:

Tess said...

Allie, I also just ran a whole mile without stopping for the first time recently! I was so thrilled! It was funny because I wanted to go around proclaiming my accomplishment to the world, but I was also embarrassed to admit that it was only a mile. So instead I went around telling people, "I just ran the farthest distance of my life!" and refusing to say what that distance was. You're braver than I am. :) Props to us for our running! 1.5 miles, here we come!!

Caitlin said...

ALLIE! i am so, so proud of you for doing this. wow, i can't believe it! you are giving me hope for the future!