Sunday, November 13, 2011

05. thankful - awakening.

baylor - bear awakening 9.
oh, i don't even know how to start this. have you ever heard of Awakening? it's so hard to explain what it is. what it means. what happens. it's not just another church retreat. our generation in the Church is different than the one of our parents. we want more. we want something real. we don't want to live our lives for ourselves anymore.

this weekend is the very first UNT/TWU  ("Peagle") Awakening. and i almost had the chance to go. i mean, that was always the plan until this whole nursing school thing started. turns out, i oh so luckily had my clinicals scheduled for every saturday this semester so i wasn't able to staff any of various Awakenings around these parts. bummer. but then something really wonderful happened this past friday morning - my clinical was cancelled. hold up, a massive search was begun for operation find a way to denton. but alas, no way was  found. multiple times i came close but things just didn't work out. 

it just wasn't meant to be. but so much good happened because of it. my mood was instantly lifted. i found myself more hopeful than i'd been all week. i was able to talk to so many of friends back in denton and felt their excitement about the possibility of me coming. truthfully, it's easy for me to get bogged down and frustrated when i see my life moving farther and farther away from it used to be.  i want to be there. i want those experiences. i want those memories. and i want to be with my friends again. those envious feelings can be so strong and overpowering.

but this weekend turned out to be just want i needed. funny how that works out, right? unexpectedly, my dad took me out for a costco lunch and i just love that man so much. marissa spent the night (twice!) and who doesn't love sleepovers. i finally went to adoration and confession at my favorite church which i hadn't been able to do yet all semester. kailin's dad came to visit and took us all for a mucho yummy meal. my sister sent us ultrasound pictures of her baby, totally the cutest things ever. and the best part, CCE was awesome.  plans are underway for our new youth room and six, SIX, high schoolers came. than one extra person just makes all the difference. 

so more and more, i'm finding myself thankful for hope. hope is real. He is bigger than everything. 
texas a&m - aggie awakening 92. yes, we wore the same shirts!

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