Sunday, January 8, 2012


This was quite the exciting month!

First off, I found out I’m going to be an aunt! And a fairy Godmother! That's right, Caitlin and Adam are having a BABY in April. That was such a hard secret to keep for a month before anyone else knew!

Holly came back to visit and we went to Galveston one day and saw a SHARK in the water not too far way from us. First time i've ever seen life guards at the beach before! I got another one of those blistering sunburns that i'm sure my skin just loved. 

Then I packed up my entire life into containers and various boxes and moved into out apartment in downtown Houston! The weeks leading up this move were filled with lots of apartment drama due to our leasing office giving away our 1 bed 1 bath away to someone else so, thanks to lots of convincing on my Moms part, we ended up getting a 2 bed 2 bath for the same price!

The next two weeks were spent unpacking and decorating our apartment, spray painting everything I could get my hands on, hammering up the walls, discovering new parts of Houston and the Texas Medical Center, experiencing the wonderfulness of Fiesta for the first time, trying our new recipes, becoming CPR certified, and starting my J1 nursing school at Texas Woman's University!

Shout out to the parentals for helping us find our apartment and navigating me through the tricky waters of signing leases and calling electricity companies. Thank you for helping me pack, uhaul, move in, unpack, and grocery shop!

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Kaelyn said...

HAHAHA! You guys rock for getting a 2 for 1 deal on an apartment! :) And congratulations on soon being a Fairy Godmother! :) Being an aunt is an amazing thing & I cannot wait for you to experience it!