Thursday, January 12, 2012


What an awesome month. Half serious, yet half party filled. The initial half of the month was focused on wrapping up my first semester of nursing school. I passed my final assessment recheck off. Hallelujah! I only passed though by the prayers of many and a certain roommate who agreed to being my partner and thus was forced into having her pulse and blood pressure taken at all hours of the day the week beforehand. I also studied for finals which in turn meant relearning everything I had already been tested on in the previous months. 

But we hosted a few study parties which really kicked the learning up a notch. I actually know a few things about being a nurse now!

Then the party half of the month started.
My church’s first ever youth group event, planned and attended by me and the high schoolers, took us to the Matt Maher Advent concert at the University of St. Thomas. The high schoolers and I also enjoyed a few unusual Sundays together. One consisted of a “service project” in which we tied barrels of hay into smaller bundles for the elementary schoolers to place in the outdoor crèche. Still confused about the purpose of that one but it was definitely a bonding experience - there’s just something about bundling hay that really brought the high schoolers together. And the other event was the third Sunday of Advent party. Yep, that’s a real celebration around these parts. The knights cooked up a tasty breakfast for all of the classes and it turns out that we were the only class that didn’t perform a musical number or dramatic act, next year though we’ll be more prepared.

Kailin turned twenty-two and the friends and I successfully surprised her. No small feat in my book! I made the Paula Deen butter cake and way too many other treats. I love making birthdays special. I love surprising people. And I love butter. 

I hosted an apartmento sleepover for my three best friends when school was out. They journeyed from the great cities of Austin and Provo and descended on the city of Houston for a night of epic catching up. Twas a splendid time. Of course, in keeping with tradition, we breakfasted at Chick-fil-a. I’ve known these ladies for most of my life.

Lauren and I met in third grade where in Mrs. Kondrats class we bonded over pencil cups and our mutually love of snacking - we’ve been best friends ever since. She doesn’t judge my Nutella habit. She supports my British miniseries obsession to the fullest. And she’s the one I’ve called many a times crying late at night from my dorm room and apartment. She knows just how crazy and awkward I am, yet still loves me.

Amber and I were actually in the same four year old preschool class. And then we met again in sixth grade! We initially bonded through our exclusively all male sections in band (French horn and percussion, respectively). Later our first boyfriends, who just so happened to be best friends, brought us together again. Somehow we both made the top band our freshman year of high school and bonded over our superstar status. Amber moved to Qatar for the last two years of high school and emailed me at least once a month with updates on her adventurous life. She's filled my life with wonderful handmade purses from street markets all over the world. She let's me clean out her closet and tell her my dreams and there's nothing I love more. 

Holly and I have been friends for over seventeen years. We used to play grocery store in her families food storage closet. At the age of five, she somehow convinced me that we needed to shave our legs because she had seen her older sisters doing it. One year in middle school, we had six out of seven classes together. I once trekked through the woods in pioneer outfit with her for a whole weekend. We suffered and laughed though three years of latin together. Our senior year, we pulled an all nighter working on our AP statistics project with her dad. I just said goodbye to my little missionary for eighteen months. Pretty proud of that lady.

Mrs. Spiering came to visit! I love my almost grandma so much. You would never guess that she’s ninety years old.  

I also went home for the last half of the month. Caitlin and Adam came into town and boy, did we celebrate with Benihanas, Papasitos, La Villa, Culver’s, Chick-fil-A, The Breakfast Klub, Spring Creek BBQ, and even a sketchy Chinese restaurant.

Since my Grandpa passed away over the break, just my parents flew to Canada since tickets were el pricey and we moved our celebrations around a little bit. Adam's family invited us over for Christmas eve dinner and then we went to my first midnight mass. Tradition? I think yes. The incense, the carols, being at my favorite church, and seeing all of my high schoolers - combined to create the most perfect ending of Advent and beginning of Christmas.  

The rest of my break was wonderful. I slept in, read the Hunger Games, walked Waffle with my Dad, visited with friends, started watching How I Met Your Mother and the first season of Community with my family, and became a pro at our new waffle maker!

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