Monday, January 2, 2012


This was definitely a month of overcoming fears, trying new things, and excitement.

First off, we had the whole first week of school off due to the snowpocalypse!

A group of us, four boys and four girls, from the Catholic center started going to pray outside an abortion center in Dallas on Saturdays. I had never done anything like it before. And I've never really experienced anything sadder. I wanted to stop those cars from coming but they just kept coming, overflowing the parking lot and on to the street. I wanted to wipe away tears for all of those faces. But they didn't stop. I don’t know if anyone changed their mind that day. But I do know that my whole heart was changed. Now living in Houston, I pass two abortion clinics every time I take the light rail. I see those desperate faces, I see the men waiting in the cars, and occasionally, I see the knights or a youth group praying outside. And then, in those quick moments, as I look out my window, I know just what to pray for. 

Other firsts - going to a Tridentine, all latin, mass and going rock climbing with my floor. 

And most importantly, this was the month that our women's small group started! At first Erin and I had a hard time at first deciding what we wanted our group to focus on. And then one day we during lunch we starting talking about our confirmation saints and why we chose them and thus "Saintsations" was born! We met in the student union and usually had between seven to fifteen ladies joining in. Every week we learned about a different female saint, we talked about their witness, we shared how they inspired us, we prayed together, we held each other accountable, we questioned each other, and we grew together. 

2 friskies:

Sarah said...

i love your blog! just read through some entries and laughed to myself as i recognized an old friend (Cristina Funes) in some of your pictures! trying to get a friend of mine from back home in Allen to go on the next awakening at UNT! awesome that they got one started.

God bless and keep up the bloggin'!

Kaelyn said...

Oh Snowpocalypse! :)

It is a terrible way to be reminded of all the hurt in the world, but I'm so glad those people who attend those two abortion clinics have a prayer warrior like you praying for them on a daily basis.