Sunday, January 1, 2012


Oh man, what a busy and eventful month! 

The TWU honors program went to Ireland and I joined in on the fun. IRELAND! Twas a truly magical trip. I roomed with the three funniest ladies in the group, that’s a fact. We sat in the back of the bus and my seat was the only one without a seat buckle, obviously I live on the dangerous side.

I pranced around castles in my rain boots on a daily basis. I braved the frigid Atlantic waters for the sake of picture taking and got swept up in wave. Half of my suitcase was filled with scarves. And my yellow raincoat came in really handy!

We stumbled upon the cutest bakery in Dublin and pretended we were British for the rest of the day. We walked through Phoenix Park and visited the Papal Cross where over a million people gathered for mass with Pope JPII in 1979.

We toured a stud farm which I thought was a spud farm and was quite confused by the large amount of horses till the end when I was in the bookstore. I ate a sun dried tomato quiche that cost like 9 euros in the cutest little restaurant. Twas blissful.

While adventuring through Dublin Castle we landed ourselves on the set of the newest Glen Close movie, "Albert Nobbs". Crazy! Later, we hopped out of the bus and saw of the Cliffs of Moher on the rainest day of the year. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way though!

I was forced into kissing the Blarney Stone, there goes my first kiss. Again, I had the best roommates because they agreed to go on many castle exploring photo shoots with me while the rest of our group was in the gift shops. Totally worth it.

Oh what, wild horses let you pet them? And wait, our tour guide speaks Japanese? All discoveries made while in Ireland. Kelly and I found the Irish equivalent of the dollar store - 2 Euro Mart - and stockpiled on candy for the rest of the trip. And finally had real fish and chips in Galway!

But my favorite part, my favorite aspect, of Ireland has to be all the churches, all the saint statues, and all the nativity scenes still up and celebrating Christmas till the end of the real season. I loved seeing the differences between all of the churches - the grand cathedrals and the quaint chapels, the newly built and the historical landmarks. I even went to mass once that was in Gaelic, English, and Latin! Usually all the churches I went in were pretty empty with just a handful of people praying. But on our last day in Galway, I was walking by the Galway Cathedral and decided to stop in for a quick visit. And then I found it - a full church, people pouring out the door. Turns out they had a really massive adoration and confession service going on. Twas awesome. 

When I got back from Ireland the spring semester was in full swing. My class load was pretty easy with a few required elective type classes and my first realish nursing class, Pathophysiology. Knowing I had one semester left in Denton and working as an RA, I  planned out several activities that I wanted to accomplish and worked A LOT of extra shifts at the front desk in preparation. I planned a hall wide program with two of my RA friends and we somehow convinced our boss into ordering the tastiest mexican food for it, haha. I also started serving on the leadership team at the Catholic center and brainstormed all sorts of ideas for our retreats and small groups. Our first event for the semester was the special back to school mass, of course, and then we went to the march for life in Dallas! 

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Kaelyn said...

Oh how I miss Ireland. Mom and I passed on the gift shops & explored the Blarney castle, too. Sounds like a great January!