Saturday, January 7, 2012


One more month of camp! The kids got funnier and  the weather got hotter but have no fear, I continued to sweat it out in style.

I staffed Aggie Awakening 92! Twas an awesome, amazing, fantastic weekend. I loved having my Denton folks, some of Bear Awakening family, and so many new friends all together. Party all the time!

The next two Mondays I went to the Café Catholica - which is lecture dinner series that combines mass + food + awesome speaker - events after work!  The nights I went I heard Cardinal DiNardo and Father Dat speak and was introduced to the wonderfulness of David Thies

At the end of the month my parents went to Canada and I was in charge of keeping Scott and myself alive. We baked, ate snow cones, dinned at Culvers, and had a Lord of the Rings marathon!

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