Saturday, January 21, 2012

new semester, new habits.

01. daily mass as much as possible.
02. six am wake up calls everyday.
03. answering emails as soon as i read them.
04. rosary with Macey once a week.

highs from the first week back: good willing with the roommate. turning around at daily mass and seeing one missionary of charity, from mother teresa's order, and three nashville dominicans behind me. it was like a celebrity sighting! awesome clinical sites. bacon for breakfast. adoration and confession at my favorite church. one of our priests has parkinsons and that witness puts all my complaints back in perspective. new david crowder band cd on repeat. a sister who always helps me and never asks for anything in return. parentals that are willing to do anything for me, even spending the night at my apartment and driving me to clinicals if they need to. and reading this

lows from the first week back:  complaining. confusion. putting off studying. staying up too late. getting frustrated with the parentals. sending emails that i can't take back. 

3 friskies:

Chely said...

Those are awesome goals! I'm right there with you with going to mass as often as possible :)

Caitlin said...

oh, i need to work on that whole answering emails thing. that's a great habit to get into!

Tess said...

Ahh my gosh you have a weekly rosary date with your friend? I used to do that in college too! It was absolutely the best. Hope you enjoy it!