Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I can’t even remember what happened this month; it just went by so fast! 

Clinicals started! I had clinicals every Saturday for the rest of the semester and was so lucky to get a hospital right in the medical center. I worked on an orthopedic surgery floor and all of my patients either had a hip or a knee replacement. And clinicals were a two day process : The Friday afternoon before we would go to the hospital to pick our patient, meet them, and get all of their information and then we would go back to school to write up a care plan that usually took about three to four hours. Then on the Saturday morning we would actually go to the hospital, take care of our patient, and then meet up for post conference with our instructor. 

On my first day I gave my first injection to a real life person, and not just any injection, an intramuscular flu shot! Obviously, I loved my clinical and I worked with some fantastic nurses.

Here’s what else happened - My high schoolers were confirmed, Marissa spent the night every Friday, I spent lots of time hanging out with my textbooks, Ashley came to visit and we light rail adventured, we started pizzeria thursdaysWe also started another blog and did a little apartment tour - kailin's room, living room, my room, everything else.

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Kaelyn said...

Busy month! You will always remember your first day. I can remember standing outside of the first room I was going in to take a blood pressure. It was a contact room and I think I stood there staring at the patient through the window for at least 5 minutes before I realized that I needed to go in. I was so afraid that they would know that I had no idea what I was doing. :)