Sunday, January 29, 2012

a rare occurrence.

i had the whole weekend free from nursing school. so i declared this the weekend of catching up. you see, soon i'll be having clinicals all up in my weekend, the tests will start piling up, and these online classes will take over my life. i did do some homework this weekend, let's not get too crazy, but i also checked off lots of tasks that have been on the to-do list for quite some while.

apartmento tasks - cleaning both the kitchen and bathroom counters, putting on clean sheets, sweeping and swiftering the floors, emptying all the trashes, filling up the dishwasher and putting it all away, laundry (whites, darks, towels) doing and folding, making dinner, organizing our towel and cleaning supplies closet, making a meal plan and grocery list for the next two weeks, spray painting an old frame, taking down Christmas decorations, redoing my bulletin board, writing the rent check, cleaning out the fridge, baking breakfast for the week, getting my crafty on

nursing school tasks - OB clinical orientation, fetal heart rate assignment, research article assignment and discussion board, reading chapters for groups, medications and labs for OB clinical, copy of flu shot paperwork for hospital, aging discussion boardbrainstormed ideas for capstone project

i'm loving this semester so far. something clicked and i'm actually understanding what's going on now. i love, love, love my women's class. i wish my sister lived closer so i try out all my new found maternal assessment skills on her. one day, one day, i shall.

4 friskies:

Natasha said...

Just like your sister, you're apartment has all sorts of cute charm in it.

Kaelyn said...

Your apartment is beautiful! Want to come decorate my house? Also, I cannot watch this video on nursing school tips! I want to so badly! I know it will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

Caitlin said...

i'm loving the rearrangement of the bulletin board. also, you ladies are so cute! loved watching the video.

i miss you!!! let's lock down these spring break plans, mmkay?

Mamacita said...

A little concerned about your math start off saying you're going to share 5 facts or tips, and you go on to share 10!!!! Hope you don't dispense meds with this level of accuracy!!!;) Otherwise, I rather enjoyed the video. It made me laugh, it made me moved me, Bob! You gals are just too cute!!!