Sunday, January 22, 2012

saint sunday.

Did you know that there is just one priest for every 12,000 people in Honduras?

The Church in Latin America faces many difficult challenges. Powerful earthquakes devastated Haiti and Chile in recent years, creating lasting damage to the Church, while a significant loss of parishioners to due migration, the inability to support itself financially, and a lack of priests and religious to effectively minister to the large number of Catholics continue to trouble the region.

Two of the Friars at my church are from Latin American countries - Cuba and Peru. And we support the St. Balise Parish in Colombia where 770 children will be making there first holy communion this spring.

Our Holy Father is coming to visit Cuba and Mexico this spring. World Youth Day is in Brazil next year. The faith is being kept.

“Pour out upon our brothers and sisters throughout Latin America a true missionary ardor, to spread faith and hope.”

- Pope Benedict XVI

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Caitlin said...

reminds of a random fact i heard this morning - did you know that pope john paul's funeral was the largest gathering of heads of state (presidents, kings, queens,etc) ever in history? more than any united nations meeting or anything. its pretty crazy how the pope can bring the whole world together!