Monday, January 9, 2012


Well nursing school just threw us right in! We had tests, quizzes, assignments, readings, and check-offs out the wazoo. We learned how to do medication calculations, bed baths, bed changing, bed pans, blood pressure, use our stethoscopes, write SOAP notes, wound dressings, NG tubes and feedings, catheters, injections, sterile gloving and sterile techniques. Needless to say, lots of time was spent in open lab working on our skills!

My love for the light rail grew stronger this month! It was our source of transportation to school on extremely hot or rainy days, our source of escape to fun places and restaurants, and our method of grocery shopping depended on it.

Over Labor Day weekend Caitlin and Adam came to visit. They saw our apartmento for the first time, we went to mass at St. Vincent de Paul, and treated ourselves to Amy's ice cream!

Marissa, Kailin, and I took a ride trip to College Station to see Matt Maher in concert. It was a lovely road trip in which we almost ran out of gas but got to eat dinner with a few of our friends!

I started going to daily mass at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (they have a beautiful website) every Wednesday morning. I loved the consistency of seeing the same people there every week – the same doctor with the cowboy boots, the same nurses in their different colored scrubs, the same old people – I’m better sure I’m the youngest person there by at least twenty years! 

And after much searching, I found the perfect church for me! I worked it out and there were eight churches, including chapels in hospitals, that I could get to via light rail or bus in under thirty minutes. Awesome, right? Well I tried five of them out and finally found Holy Rosary, a 100 year old church in Midtown that I just love. It is quite traditional and it was founded and actually still run by the Dominican Friars. I started teaching CCE to post-confirmation high schoolers too!

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Kaelyn said...

:) I'm so glad you found a church that you love! It is beautiful!

And I'm so glad to see that you guys loved learning all your new skills!