Tuesday, May 15, 2012


now that my junior year of college is behind me, i'm back to blogging.
this month was full of surprises. 
my niece, Claire Camille, was born a month early and i got to visit her over my spring break. obviously, she is the cutest baby ever. being in the NICU with Claire reminded me of why i wanted to be a nurse in the first place. and everyone needs a little reminding right of that in the middle of a long and hard semester of nursing school.
and i got a wonderful phone call this month, after two interviews, i found out i'll be working as student nurse at the best cancer hospital in the country (google that for specifics). i am beyond excited. my Adult health clinicals were at this hospital and i can't wait for all the learning experiences i'll have. scrub shopping is in my future!

Adult clinical group.

Women's clinical group.
my two clinical groups were fantastic this semester. we're all quite different and eventually want to be nurses in all different kinds of fields. but we saw each other in the best and worst moments this semester. and even during the joy of c-sections and scariness of patients' coding, we were there to help each out.
i absolutely loved my Adult clinical professor and would love to be like her when i grow up. during one of our Saturday clinicals, i peeked into one of the patients rooms on our floor and saw her inside crying with a patient. later that day, i learned that the patient had just found out that her cancer had metastasized to her brain and that her husband had just been diagnosed as well. our clinicals at a cancer hospital really put everything right back in perspective for us, and time and time again showed me that even when it seems impossible, we need to let go of our worries, big and small, and rely on Him for our strength.

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