Tuesday, September 25, 2012

five things on a tuesday night.

i promised my roommate that i'd be working on my capstone (you'll be hearing that word a lot around here this semester) tonight so this will be the quickest post ever.

01. i became an american citizen this summer (may 16th to be exact) and i have been called to duty - jury duty that is. i was tots excited to vote in november but i kinda forgot about the whole civic duty part my new citizenship. after reading the small print on my summoning letter i found out that being in nursing school actually has some perks, a.k.a i can skip out this time.

02. since my psych and icu clinicals have been postponed till further notice (the end of october?) i now have lots of extra time to pick up shifts at my favorite hospital. is it weird that i watch this video to pump me up before i go to work?

03. i kind of have a weird obsession with grocery stores. as in, i love them. i think it runs in my family. so the roommate and i ventured out to the new trader joe's last night. they repurposed an old vintage style movie theater into the new store which is so hipster like. i love trader joe's (mainly due to their large selection of dark chocolate covered snacks) but it was so busy and crowded. i think it will be more of a special occasion/fun activity to shop there and i'll stick to krogers for my weekly trips.

04. people, i have a car. well technically i'm just watching it since my family just up and moved to china this summer. anyway having a car is so wonderful. i don't really use it too much since the light rail (basically the biggest love of my life. i can hop on this train at 6:40am and be at the co-cathedral by 7am mass for just 60 cents. i love it.) picks me up right outside my door. anyway in the past three weeks i have driven just a total of 28 miles (mainly to chick-fil-a, the grocery store, and the rice catholic center) so at this rate i should need to gas up around december. back to the point of the story, i heard this song on the radio today while i was driving and now i can't stop listening to it on repeat. try it out folks.

05. during my nicu rotation this past week, my nurse was teaching me about ventilators and we visited a baby that was only 23 weeks old. she weighted less than a pound. this baby has down syndrome and a multitude of other hard things it will have to overcome. this baby had parents though that made the choice to accept the baby they had been given. they knew she was going to be born sick. they knew that this would be the hardest trial of their life. and they chose to love. that being said, 40 days for life starts tomorrow. i'll be praying outside the largest planned parenthood in the country this saturday. let's all pray for some mamas and babies together. and read this

3 friskies:

Caitlin said...

oh, it definitely runs in the family. one time when adam's parents were visiting i suggested we check out trader joe's and they were like "umm, why would that be fun?" ha ha!

A. SIlva said...

I loooove that song! It has definitely been a new favorite of mine.

I haven't braved trader joe's yet just because I knew it would be crazy since it just opened... but hopefully I will make it over there soon!

Tess said...

Allie, can you be just a little bit more awesome? Nope, not possible. :)

I ADORE the pic of you with your American flag, darling dress and citizenship certificate. You look lovely, and welcome to the American family!

Props to you for doing 40 Days for Life... it's such a beautiful ministry, and that letter you linked to gave me chills. Such good news to read that you're taking part in it too (ours here in DC ended a few weeks ago).

p.s. your Trader Joe's sounds so cool :)