Saturday, September 22, 2012

life lately in bullet points.

  • i'm five weeks into my senior year of college. wow. and not just any type of higher education, nursing school to be exact. so far this semester has been quite rigorous, like 9-5 classroom lecture and skills lab days all day everyday. but clinicals (my favorite part of school) finally started this week, yay!
  • yesterday i had my first pediatric clinical at texas children's. i spent the day taking care of three tiny babies, oh dream come true. one of my babies had just started drinking from a bottle so multiple feedings and cuddling occurred. my nurse was a great teacher and was always looking for "teachable moments" for me so i practiced my sterile dressing, ng tube, and iv putting in skills. 
  • i have an adult II test (ICU nursing type stuff) this upcoming Monday and i'm hoping to do well on it. maybe i'll reward myself with one of these if i do. 
  • the roommate and i treated ourselves to a Panera breakfast this morning. i vote we do it more often. remind me not to order the pumpkin bread bagel again though, definitely over-rated. 
  • speaking of roommates, we actually have a new apartmento mate. she is super sweet and just starting off in nursing school. i am loving the livelyness of our home these days, there is always someone to talk to!
  • during a study break tonight, i watched the latest episode of Parenthood (the only tv show i keep up with but that might be changing now that my summer roommate introduced me to the guilty pleasure of Vampire Diaries). and gosh, the ending was so so sad. someone is diagnosed with cancer. and i immediately hoped that that this fictional tv character would come be treated at my favorite cancer hospital. oh the things that nursing school does to you.
  • i just signed up for an NCLEX (the test we take to become real licensed RN's) review course. is it weird that i'm actually really excited about it? i can't believe that this time next year i'll be a nurse - working independently, keeping people alive - it all sounds so grown up. 
  • i have been loving pandora lately. ben rector, john mark mcmiillian, and mumford and sons are my three current favorite stations. try them out, i promise you won't be disappointed.

2 friskies:

Natasha said...

Allie! Cuppow?! Where one earth did you find that? Interesting. It's quaint, but who drinks out of canning jars? Also, I have not watched Parenthood sin it started, and now I'm FREAKING out. I have a single huntch about who it is, but it can't be true. I cannnnnnot handle this!!!

Natasha said...

Okay, I am now caught up on the first two episodes, but haven't seen this weeks. If Christina dies, I will be devastated!