Wednesday, November 28, 2012

back to blogging.

clinicals are over, i only have two more weeks of nursing school this semester, and i cleaned up our room today - so i blogging i am this afternoon! 

kailin (the roommate/best friend) and i share a room this semester and it has been tons of fun. i think we both a bit hesitant about the situation but it has really been a big blessing for our friendship PLUS we combined our furniture and decorations and created a cozy little room together. my bed is on the right and kailin's is on the left closest to the window. and i just realized we have matching pillow cases - gotta love goodwill! 

i kind of love our collage of frames and randoms above our beds. we actually just finished decorating our room last week (better late then never) and it was a wee bit stressful figuring out how to combine our separate collections into one masterpiece - so we just started hanging stuff up randomly - and i love how it turned out. 

we don't usually have flowers in our room but a certain boy dropped some off for a certain roommate of mine so we're both getting to enjoy them now! we both have vintage quilts and kailin made most of the throw pillows that are on both of our beds, she's a crafty one. 

we share a dresser that was in my room growing up - i shared it with my sister then - and now kailin and i enjoy cramming our stuff into it. 

i love our simple room decorations. we just used what we had already. luckily we both have really similar decorating styles so it was easily to combine things. i love our globes and colorful prints. shout out to macey for the mama t statue from india! 

 welcome to our little seating area! these are both kailin's chairs and when they were in her old room we referred to them as the counseling area. i am so glad we were able to fit them into our room this year. the lamp was a goodwill find that i had a slew of pinterest ideas for but for right now i like it just the way it is. it's actually a super nifty lamp, it gets dimmer every time you tap it.

kailin's closet is behind the door with the bags on it. and then we both have a sliding door closet by out bathroom too. and then i have another closet by our laundry room too - i definitely love the surplus of closets in our apartmento. 

the bookshelf and cabinet below used to be in my room last year but now they've found a home in the hallway outside our room. that yellow cabinet is probably my proudest craft accomplishment ever! and i can't to recycle all those binders when we're done with nursing school. 

here are our last years room posts: kailin's and mine. it's fun to look back and see how we combined things from both of our previous rooms. and just to think about how different our lives were then. oh what naive nursing students we were!

4 friskies:

Tess said...

Your room is GORGEOUS! Absolutely adore the collections on both walls. I feel inspired just looking at it. :)

Caitlin said...

so cute! you guys did a great job of combining things. i can't wait to see it in person {and get a feel of how tiny it really is, ha ha}!

Natasha said...

This is precious! You both have my kind of taste! I am equally impressed and obsessed with your wall behind your bed.

K said...

I love our room and I love that I get to share it with you!