Wednesday, March 20, 2013

facts on a early wednesday evening:

sweater, dot dress, lace top
floral skirt, ruffle top, wrap dress,
dot button up, mustard top, dot top
vintagey dress, floral skirt, chambray dress

01. 54 days of nursing school left, say what? I should be studying for my final HESI exam this upcoming Monday but online window shopping sounded like so much more fun. Obviously I am a fan of florals, polka dots, chambray, lace, coral and mustard yellow - who knew?

02. POPE FRANCIS! I love him. One day I'll write a post more about my love but for now I'll just keep watching this video on repeat and praying for him! Did y'all sign up for the Pope Alarm text message system from FOCUS? So fun. I am so grateful that I was able to watch the beginning of the conclave (so fun to see Cardinal DiNardo, our very own Texas cardinal, in the Sistine Chapel) and the announcement of white smoke and our new pope this spring break with my sister and one of my best friends. History was made!

03. Ahh, back to nursing school. Things are getting crazy. I have to make a website in two weeks. I'm not sure when I'll be making a website in my future nursing career but my professors feel it's necessary! I also have a giant community assessment group paper due Friday, we're talking an 86 page paper. Turns out writing a paper in a group is pretty tricky. Case studies, multiple tests, online modules, literature reviews, poster presentations and a lung cancer patient care study are among the various other things due in the next six weeks.

04. I'm still loving my precepted clinical in the ER at the veterans hospital. The place is straight up crazy. One day my nurse and I had 14 patients throughout the day. Stretchers were totally in rows in the hallway. If I learn nothing else from this experience, I can officially say I can put an IV in just about anybody. Quite a valuable skill up in the ER.

05. Oh exciting news - I'm going to Ecuador in June on a week long medical mission trip with a group of doctors, dentists, optometrists, nurses, teachers, engineers, priests, and other volunteers through the archdiocese! Ever since my parents dragged me to a Doctors Without Borders refuge camp presentation in downtown Houston in ninth grade, I've wanted to use my nursing skills around the world. But to say I'm nervous would be an understatement. They asked me to help with triage and in the recovery room after surgeries, so this should be interesting! Let the spanish learning commence! Honestly though, I'm looking forward to the pastoral home visits with the sisters and priests in our group more than anything medical. Daily mass on the beach, last rites to the terminally ill in villages around the area, and bringing Jesus to those who don't get to go to mass more than once or twice a year is going to be such a blessing.

06. I had my first big girl job interview two weeks ago at my favorite cancer hospital. It was quite fun to dress up and look all professional for a change. But I must admit, I'm looking forward to some new Grey's Anatomy scrubs in my future. I haven't heard back yet about the job but I'll be sure to let everyone know when I do!

07. I went to visit my sister in Seattle this spring break, my last spring break EVER. We had such a wonderful time. I'll blog about it sometime soon. Maybe this summer? Luckily, my ultra organized sista just happens to be sharing the details of our trip over on her blog for y'all.

P.S. I got an iPhone. Oh my goodness, I feel like the whole world is at my fingertips. I need to work on my self control and have officially implemented a no phone in bed rule as of this evening! Share your favorite apps with me!

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Tess said...

You have THE cutest taste in clothes! Love all the dresses!

Hang in there with all the nursing stuff... it sounds really intense, but it'll be so worth it in the end! You can do it Allie!! And keep us posted on the job search... good luck with the cancer hospital one!

CitySeminarian said...

Indeed, Viva il papa!