Sunday, March 31, 2013

picture overload, prepare thyself.

01. Tomorrow is Monday, so of course I have a test, presentation and paper due - bamm, welcome to your last semester of nursing school. My community nursing textbook told me to break from studying so I must obey. I can't wait to sell these books on Amazon in less than 45 days!
02. During this break, I got dressed and baby powdered my hair up.  I'm trying to go three to four days in between washes and this is day four - so ready to shower tonight! 
03. Off to my favoritest grocery store I went. Just stocked up on the basics like multiple kinds of chips and salsa and minature dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Lent is over so watch out sweets!
04. Last Tuesday, I went to the Chrism mass at the Co-Cathedral. Definitely ranks in the top five of my favorite yearly masses. Why you ask? All priests of the archdiocese (over 300) in attendance, my favorite Cardinal in charge, beautiful music, and Missonaries of Charity spottings! I loved all the neat conclave details the Cardinal shared, did you know that he high fived Pope Francis?!
05. Cardinal DiNardo was super excited to see me and we might have even high fived. This is his "everyone get inside the church so we can start this three hour" mass face. We're pretty much besties. 
06. I had another job interview this past week! Totally the craziest interviewing experience I've ever been to before though. There was over 400 people (I forget that I go to school and live next door to the largest medical center in the world) toughing it out for just a few positions. We were interviewed in groups which was honestly pretty weird. I haven't heard a yes but I sure haven't heard a no yet. I loved sharing this experience with my friend Ashley though!

07. On Friday, my friends Kristen, Kailin, and I attended my favorite Good Friday event -  walking the Way of the Cross from the University of St. Thomas to the Co-Cathedral downtown. Kristen was interviewed and was on the news later that evening! 

08. Oh my goodness, taking pictures of myself with my iPhone is quite tricky! This is my Easter vigil outfit  and everything is from Target. Viva la Tarjay!

Camp Patton
Linking up with the funniest blogger: Camp Patton!
09. Ahh, Easter vigil. My favorite night of the year. I like to try out a different version every year, what can I say, I'm definitely a church hopper when it comes to special masses :) Holy Rosary's was such a different experience this year than the Co-Cathedral's last year. Firstly, I was able to sit down and secondly, only a few people came into the church opposed to the hundreds down at the Cathedral. And all the music was in Vietnamese this time which was SO fun. And if there is ever a shortage of incense in the world, it could probably be soley pinpointed back to Holy Rosary.

8 friskies:

Say Holt said...

Your hair is absolutely amazing! I love your mustard cardigan too :)

Colleen said...

You look so pretty and I covet you'rre hair! Good luck on your last semester!

Shannon said...

Love your Easter Vigil color combo!

300 priests in one archdiocese! Wow.

Mother4 said...

Oh my! Are you at UST Nursing in Houston? I graduated from their nursing school 34 years ago!

Mary said...

Seriously - three to four days without washing? Your hair looks freaking gorgeous!! Mine would look like a limp dish rag on day two. Yowza. You look lovely in your Easter Vigil finery. Happy, Happy Easter!!

Robby said...

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Tess said...

You look SO PRETTY in all these pictures! Love the Tarjay ensemble—that place is seriously the best. Also, your four-day hair is beauuuuutiful! Jealous!

Erica said...

Your hair is incredible! You definitely rock those curls.