Monday, April 8, 2013

28 more days.

01. In 28 more days I will be done with nursing  school. I will officially graduate in 34 days. The only things still left to do are: one paper, three exams, three presentations, three projects, thirteen clinical logs, four precepted clinicals, and three school nurse clinicals.  So much to do but the end is so near!

02. Whilst driving to my school nurse clinical on the other side of Houston last week, I spotted this beautiful church off the highway. And since I love exploring new churches I knew I was going to have to stop on the way back. I highly suspected it was a catholic church but you never know. And it turns out it is Our Lady of Lourdes Vietnamese Catholic Church! The parish I regularly attend is half Vietnamese so I was so so excited to find a whole Vietnamese out in the Hispanic suburbs on Houston. Gotta love the culturalness of Htown.

03. Upon arriving in the parking lot of the church after my school nurse clinical, I discovered that this church had a life size Our Lady of Lourdes grotto. Can I get a heck YES! I might never make it to France but since this beauty is practically in my backyard I think I'll be perfectly alright for a while. 
04. Of course, they have life size stations of the cross surrounding a lake as well! You better know I utilized the iPhone at a time like this and swiped out my Laudate app to follow along. 
05. Tonight after a day full of classes and a test, the friends and I (plus Kailin's boyfriend, Ben, who was our official photographer for the night) headed down to Discovery Green to eat some dinner. Discovery Green is a super neat urban park in Houston that, while among many neat things, has free exercise classes every night! We also checked out the new B Cycle bikes we've seen popping up all over town lately. For $5 you can rent a bike (that has a BASKET) for the whole day. I can't wait to try it out!

06. The roommate introduced be to my new favorite song tonight, take a listen:

07. Well I'm off to spend some time with my new favorite book - "The Better Part". Looking for as new devotional type book? Or something to dive deeper into the Gospel readings with? Hit up this book people. Here's an example of part of the meditation for today's Gospel reading (Luke 1:26-38):

"We can learn no greater lesson than how to say yes to God. Mary's 'yes' reversed Eve's 'no,' and paved the way for Christ's undoing of Adam's fall. Likewise, when God disrupts our lives - through the voice of conscience, the normal responsibilities and demands of our state of life, or the indications of Church teachings - our 'yes' can echo Mary's and make more room for Christ in this fallen world. But our 'no' - even our 'maybe' - can easily shut him out."

5 friskies:

Tess said...

Discovery Green sounds so cool! I especially love that you can rent a bike—I've been pining for a basketed bike for the longest time.

What a lovely Lourdes grotto, and what a lucky find to stumble upon it like that!

Good luck with these last 28 days of nursing school. You can do it Allie!!!

Kaelyn King said...

Good luck with all these interviews! I'll be praying. I can't believe you guys are almost done! Time has definitely flown by (and now you can relate to the craziness that I was two years ago)! :) Enjoy this last less-than-a-month!

Caitlin said...

you are so close to being a real adult!!! i just got off the phone with mommy about the phone bill and it looks like you'll be paying for that iphone yourself pretty soon, ha!

Caitlin said...

okay, so I know that you have the nclex tomorrow and then a wedding to be a bridesmaid in and everything, but you should update soon, sister!

blog, blog, blog!

Tess said...

I second Caitlin's comment. C'mon, Allie! We need to hear about your life! :)