Monday, July 1, 2013

the past three months via instagram.

01. Became a member of Sigma Theta Tau, the interational nursing honor society, and somehow won the award for "outstanding senior nursing student" at school the same night. I'm still not sure why I won it but I was very, very thankful because the award came with a scholarship that helped pay for my trip to Ecuador!

such a fun night celebrating with my nursing friends!
02. Finished nursing school and accepted my first real nursing job! Starting July 22, I'll be working on a cardiovascular and thoracic surgery floor at my favorite cancer hospital. I worked on this floor as a student nurse for the past year so I'm totally excited and feel a wee little bit prepared. Let the fun times begin!

last time working as a student nurse at the cancer hospital.
my preceptor and unit director came to the graduation ceremony!
last time ever wearing my school scrubs. 
final presentations on the last day of school. 
03. Galveston beach trip with nursing school friends. We live just an hour away from the beach so it was time to go! Loved relaxing with these ladies after finals and before graduation. 

04. Got my nursing pin and graduated from nursing school! My mom flew in from Shanghai and my sister, brother-in-law, and niece came in town for the occassion. 

the graduation thank you post cards that I mailed out. 
my best friends after pinning. 
so glad some of my family could be there to celebrate with me. 
it's official, i'm done with school forever!
my best friend and I after graduation with our nifty honors medals. 
05. Roadtrip via the MegaBus to Dallas, Texas for my friend Erin's bridal shower. Erin and I met at the TWU/UNT Catholic Center in the spring of 2011 and led a woman's bible study called "Saintsations" together. We both love dresses, watching 'Say Yes to the Dress', and sleepovers. 

06. Roadtrip to Clifton, Texas for Stephanie and Miah's wedding. Stepahnie and I went to the Denton campus of TWU and then started nursing school in Houston together. I lover her!

07. Our Honors program treated us to the Sister Act musical for graduation at the Hobby Center downtown. Applying for my schools honors program was one of the best decision I ever made. Through the honors program, all four years of college tutition were paid for, I met my best friends, I was automatically accepted to nursing school, I traveled to Ireland, and have attended countless fun social and service activities. I love you honors program

08. Camping trip to Huntsville State Park with my friends Rhonda and Ashley. We successfully made fire on the first try, ate lots of yummy food, and swam in alligator infested waters and survived. 

09. Holly, my best friend, came home from her 18 month long mission through the mormon church. We've been partying it up ever since and I'm so thankful for the time we've had. 

10. I went on a nine day medical mission trip in San Pablo, Ecuador through the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston! The clinic we ran was open for six days and we saw over 3,000 patients. I primarily worked as a PACU nurse for the GYN surgeries so I got to put in lots of IV's and foley's! But I also got to help out in the triage area, pharmacy, and learned how to be both a scrub and circulating nurse in the OR. I also got to be part of the construction team for an afternoon and learned how to dig a trench and mix concrete by hand! 

Paradise! Our view as soon as we left the clinic/church area everyday.
Through my broken/non-exist spanish, I learned that this lovely lady had 15 children and they were all still alive! 
best construction team ever.
Dr. Kelly, my roommate, and our favorite sister!
11. Roadtrip to Austin, Texas to visit my friends Amber and Natalie. Amber and I have been friends since 6th grade (well technically we were in the same preschool class as well but met again in middle school) and she is off to Haiti in August to work in a special needs orphange. And Natalie and I are nursing school friends and she just moved to Austin to start her first nursing school job. We all LOVE being adventurous so we explored McKinney Falls State Park and food trucks!

Natalie, Amber and I after our swim and hike around McKinney Falls. 
12. I'm officially a real nurse. I passed my NCLEX!!!! I found out I passed on my 22nd birthday - talk about the best birthday present EVER!

so I studied A LOT for this freaking test and none of it helped.  it is one crazy exam.
13. Roadtrip to Mandeville, Lousiana for the wedding of Erin and Tom AKA the most beautiful wedding in the world. The nupitual mass was amazing and I cried multiple times throughout. And the reception was such a PARTY, a Catholic party if you know what I mean. 

my best friend Macey and I were both bridesmaids.  aren't these the cutest dresses?!
Erin and Tom are MARRIED!
14.  And now I'm off to spend the next two weeks in Seattle visiting my sister and her cute family. We will be roadtripping to Vancouver to visit my mom and brother (who are visiting from their new home in Shanghai, China) and my aunt and cousins. I'm so excited and really, really need to go pack!

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Caitlin said...

Wow, seeing this all written really made me realize how busy you've been lately! Whew!

I think your next post should be about your room! Can't wait to see you TOMORROW!

Mare Bear said...

Oh I miss you so much! You'd be surprised, but I even after all this time I still read the whole post in your voice!

I enjoyed the honors program too, it's so sad to see it go. We have alum events, did you sign up for the TWU Honors Alum group on fb!? Maybe someday you'll be in Dallas just in time :)

I am so jealous of your trips, especially all that time with IVs and foleys ;)

I am so excited to hear all about everything! Still can't believe your parents are in China... dang...

Love you and congrats on being a real nurse now!

Anonymous said...

Such a great re-cap of times I think to be the best so far in my life personally! I really enjoyed our last couple months of nursing school and all the celebrations it brought! What great and beautiful friends nursing school brought me.