Saturday, September 6, 2014

six. currently.

Reading: five of my library books at the same time. All the books I put on hold were ready to pick up at the same time! And this article.

Watching: Scandal on Netflix. Don't do it. So bad, so good, so addictive.

Trying: to wake up at 5am everyday. So far it's not going too well...

Eating: frozen blueberries and dark chocolate chips. One of the highlights of grownup life! 

Going: to Boston next week for six days to visit my friend Katelyn and her husband David. Katelyn and I lived together for two summers while we both had inter/externships in the medical center. Katelyn was sent into my life when I so desperately needed a friend like her; a friend to listen, to encourage, a friend who is honest and vulnerable.

Loving: that Macey and I have been consistent with our nightly rosary praying. This book is the best at keeping me focused. It would be so neat to memorize the whole thing.

Discovering: this new neighborhood of mine. It's filled with restaurants, coffee shops, parks, bike trails, and beautiful churches.

Enjoying: clean fake hardwood floors at the apartment. The electric broom and swifter we bought this weekend are my favorites.

Thinking: I should really, really study today for the PCCN exam I'm taking in October.

Feeling: incredibly thankful for days off. In my personal city dwelling single gal opinion, this nursing schedule of just working six 12 hours shifts every two weeks is the best thing e.v.e.r.

Hoping: Kailin hears back about her interview soon.

Listening: this song, on repeat.

Starting: to wonder if Fall is ever going to come to Houston this year. Todays high is 93!

Thanking: Jesus for a new day to be productive, to go to daily mass, to study, to cook for the next few working days, and to go to bed early.

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Caitlin said...

umm, cutest coffee shop ever. and such an amazingly beautiful church! so glad you're keeping this up and so excited to live vicariously through you on your boston trip!