Sunday, November 30, 2014


I am thankful for my family. We are spread out across the world but they are always just a phone call and few time changes away. I am thankful for parents who always pushed me to try harder, read to us nightly, and put up with a whole lot of backseat fighting so we could go on vacations every summer. I am thankful for a happy childhood filled with dinner together nightly, library books, swimming pool outings, and clean laundry. I am thankful for my mom who sacrificed so much to stay home with us and who shared her love of laundry and candles with me. I am thankful for my dad who instilled his love of traveling and the New York Times in me. I am thankful for my older sister and brother-in-law who are my very best friends and let me come along on their family vacations. I am thankful for my little brother who is about to go to college and experience the adventure of grownup life. I am thankful for my two adorable nieces, they bring so much happiness and joy to my life.

I am thankful for my job. I can't believe I work as a nurse at one of the best cancer hospitals in the world. I never thought I would be an oncology nurse. Some days are hard but even the worst days are always worth it. It is such a honor to care for people during the hardest and most vulnerable times of their lives. And I have the best coworkers in the world, seriously once you've cleaned up a pooptastrophe together you know they'll do anything for you.
I am thankful for this season of my life. I feel more and more confident in my nursing skills. On my days off I get to go to daily mass, walk to the grocery store, meet up with friends, and volunteer at my favorite nursing home. I live in the cutest hipster neighborhood with one of my best friends in an apartment that backs up to the bayou.
I am beyond thankful for the immense comfort my faith in Jesus Christ brings me. He loves me more than I could ever imagine. And I feel his love in little moments throughout the day but especially at mass. At mass, his sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice, is laid out before us.
I don't know why I've been given so much. It seems so unfair that I been blessed with a healthy family, an amazing job, and so many material blessings while so many suffer from hunger, disease and loneliness throughout the world.  I pray that I am attentive to the needs of others. I pray that I truly listen and trust in His plan for me. I pray for the courage to do whatever He asks of me.

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