Tuesday, January 27, 2015

12 in 2014.

2014 was a year of so many highs and lows. I got to go to the weddings of three of my best friends! Spencer was born and I got to snuggle with him so much in the spring. I lived with two amazing girls, Makenzie and Macey. I grew more than I ever imagined as a nurse, I became stronger, I advocated for my patients needs more, I learned that just being there in their room is enough. Daily mass continued to challenge and shape me.

planned a bachelorette weekend for 20 plus girls.
Kailin and Ben got married.
Makenzie, my new roommate, moved in.
visited Amber in Austin.
pressed the code blue button in a patient's room for the first time.
 had an emotional breakdown in Target when buying new bedding.
overall an extremely emotional month, so many life changes.


helped plan a wedding at the cancer hospital.
survived ACLS and became a card carrying member.
Spencer was born and I got lots of baby snuggles in.


celebrated Claire's second birthday in Seattle.
said difficult goodbye's to two of my patients within one week - we had two patients who had both had the same surgery back in November and developed many, many complications - one patient finally went home with his family and the other patient passed away as soon as his family left for the night.


bridesmaid in Natalie and Robert's wedding in Austin.
with the help of parents, paid off $30,000 of student loans!
and walked to sonic a lot, haha.


Virginia and Raj's wedding in Houston.
Macey came to visit Houston.
retreat with the Dominican Sisters in Austin, such a turning point in the year - stopped comparing my life to my married friends, stopped feeling sorry myself, started to embrace my life as a single girl.


trip to visit my Grandma in Ottawa and explored Montreal with the Burch's.
turned 23. celebrated one year of being a nurse!


college visits with the parentals for my little brother.
Edel conference with my sister in Austin.
graduated from nursing residency.


volunteered at Camp AOK, a camp for teenagers with cancer and their siblings, for a week.
said goodbye to college/new grad apartment and moved into a new apartment in the Heights with Macey.
went to the gynecologist for the first time.
wedding dress shopping with Holly.
also an extremely emotional month!


visited Ms. Spiering in Corpus Christi.
visited Katelyn in Boston.
pondered my future.  

became PCCN certified.
celebrated Maggie's first birthday in Seattle.
visited the Hoyt's in Spokane.


started volunteering at St. Dominic's nursing home.
completed my first whole30, lost 12 pounds!
thanksgiving with the Craft's.
Holly's bridal shower in Houston.


Ms. Spiering's funeral in Corpus Christi.
multiple work Christmas parties.
celebrated Christmas with my family in Seattle.  

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