Monday, January 5, 2015

2015: looking ahead.

01. Do you think you will be going to school at any point in 2015?  If so for what? Almost half of the nurses on my floor are in graduate school right now, so we talk about school all.the.time. And the hospital I work at actually PAYS for you to go back to school...but I have no idea what I would want to study. Right now I am happy and content to be working at the bedside. We don't all need to become nurse practitioners - we need smart and driven nurses at the bedside too.

02.  Will there be a job change for you in 2015? This July I'll have been an oncology nurse for TWO years. I love my job, my coworkers, my hospital. But the past year and half have been hard emotionally - oncology nursing is heavy. My patients - their stories, struggles, families - come home with me. I send patients home to hospice daily and it's not unusual to have a code status discussion on a weekly basis. But I know that I thrive in caring for high acuity surgical patients, I love having the same three patients when I work three days in a row, and I know that working in a Magnet hospital is such a blessing. If I move in the fall, I will be keeping my options open but would love to try NICU, L&D, ICU, or ER nursing - we shall see :)

03.  What adventure or event are you most looking forward to during this coming year? Totally can't narrow this down to just one event so I'll list a few - my nieces 2nd and 3rd birthdays, one of my best friends weddings, precepting my favorite new grad nurse, my family moving back to America, seeing my brother choose and start university in the fall, and trips to Portland, Utah, and San Francisco.

 04.  Do you think there will be a move to a new house/apartment/city/state/country in 2015? Oh gosh, lots of unknowns in this area. In all honesty, I feel ready for a change. I've lived in Houston for four years on my own now and all of my family will be living in Washington by this summer. And after working as a PACU nurse in Ecuador for a week in 2013, I also hope medical missions are in my future. In the fall I applied to Catholic Medical Missions Board and hope to hear back this spring about the next step in the application process. My apartment lease is up at the end of July - so I could possibly be exploring the world and using my nursing skills through a medical mission, or moving to Seattle and working in a new field of nursing, or renewing my lease and working at my favorite cancer hospital for another year. I know He has this whole thing figured out so I'm just trying hard to trust in His plan.

 05.  What do you see as the direction of your blog in 2015?  Design update plans?  Link-ups coming down the pipes?  More or less posts? The plan is just to keep blogging! This blog is really just an online journal for me. I love going back and reading posts that I wrote late at night in college, or after retreats, or about my nursing experiences at my favorite cancer hospital. I would love a new blog design as well :)

06. If you could guarantee that one thing could happen this coming year what would it be? In the deepest part of my heart, I hope that He shows me if He is calling me to marriage or religious life this year. The struggle of the unknown is so real. I feel like such a big part of my life and future is on hold until I know - even though it would be so hard, I just want to jump into whatever vocation He is calling me to. 2015 is such a year of discernment for me - for my vocation, my nursing career, my future.

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natalie g. said...

So many great things in this post. I can't wait to see where your nursing career goes especially if you come join the OB team or the medical mission option. Amen to people need to be really good bedside nurses, that is kindof where I am right now. Thanks for linking up!

Nej said...

I love this, lady! :)

I applied to CMMB, as well. They provide SO many wonderful opportunities to use your nursing skills to serve around the world! I ultimately decided to go with them b/c you are required to raise a certain amount of money. For where I was... I didn't feel called to do that. So, I went with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (, where you only had to pay for your flight. Check them out! I have a tab on my blog if you want to read more about my experience in Honduras. They have homes all throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. :)

So many wonderful things happening in your life! I can't wait to read more about them!

Also.. I completely agree with working in a Magnet hospital, btw. There is nothing like it! :)