Thursday, July 30, 2015

life update.

 Hola! Hello! Holla! 
I haven't blogged in SEVEN months! How did this happen? These past seven months have been filled to the brim with adventures. And more than anything these months were filled with so much peace and contentment. I finally started to grasp how much of a gift this season of my life was. 
Let's start recapping the past seven months and then I can finally share with y'all what's happening in my life right now!

New Orleans
Roadtripped to New Orleans with Macey (recap here)
Attended two fancy nursing conferences 

Third day of work was off to a rough start, @katisingleton saved the day! #P7alldayerryday 
Holy Rosary confirmation retreat
Worked and baked a whole bunch

Braving the mist at Multnomah Falls!
Seattle for Claire's third birthday (recaps here and here)
Weekend trip to Portland with Caitlin (recap here)

Visited Holly in Utah and hiked in Zion National Park
Roadtripped to Austin to visit Amber and Natalie
My car flooded during a flash flood and I spent the night at the hospital!
My dad came to visit and we got a new car :)
San Francisco trip with Caitlin and Adam (recaps here, here, here, here, here, and here)
Virginia had her baby so lots of baby Kethan snuggles
Holly and Brett's wedding (my fifth time being a bridesmaid!!)

Roadtripped to Dallas for Josie's baptism
Scott came to visit Houston during Tropical Storm Bill

... AND in June, I also...
quit my nursing job
packed all my belongings into 10 boxes and 2 suitcases
said lots of goodbyes
and left Houston on a one-way ticket to Seattle to prepare for...

serving as a missionary nurse with Farm on the Child in Trujillo, Honduras for one year!
a life following Christ is full of surprise :)

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